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Our Class Novels – ‘My Dad’s Got An Alligator’

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Our first class novel this year was the Jeremy Strong story ‘My Dad’s Got An Alligator’.

‘It’s that alligator . . . Dad should never have brought it into the house. Crunchbag has escaped and he’s eaten Granny!’

Some dads bring home rabbits. Or dogs. Or parrots. Not Nicholas’s dad. The latest member of their family is Crunchbag – the ALLIGATOR! Soon he’s running riot in the bathroom and on the roof and even in the park! But he wouldn’t eat poor defenceless Granny . . . would he?

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How did you enjoy our first book together as a class?


  1. The book was amazing [ cool ]

      Megan — 23/09/2013 @ 09:45

  2. Were does crunch bag go?

      Charlie — 23/09/2013 @ 09:50

  3. Have you finished it yet, Charlie? I think you’ll find out soon!

      Mr Senior — 23/09/2013 @ 09:51

  4. I like this book it was very funny i really enjoyed it because the alligator was funny and naughty

      Chloe — 23/09/2013 @ 09:51

  5. I really enjoyed this book.This book is very humourous, and it put a smile on my face. Mrs arnolds expression when she was reading, was really intreiging!I would definetely recomend it!

      Isabella — 23/09/2013 @ 09:51

  6. I found this book ok but it wasen’ my type.

      Olivia — 23/09/2013 @ 09:52

  7. It was a very good book I think . I will give it 10 out of 10
    because its very funny.The Dad is so funny and is a silly.

      Jennifer — 23/09/2013 @ 09:52

  8. This book is quite funny because Granny is deaf so interesting conversations take place.

    I think Jeremy Strong is a humuorus writer beacause most of his books are funny.

      Samuel — 23/09/2013 @ 09:52

  9. i like this book because of the alligator was funny

      Chloe — 23/09/2013 @ 09:52

  10. This is a cool book.I recomend it especially if you like funny books.READ IT!

      Richard — 23/09/2013 @ 09:52

  11. This book was mad and amazing(one of my favorites).

      Samuel — 23/09/2013 @ 09:53

  12. The book was alsome because Nicholas dad brought two animals home funny as , I think that 5 and 12 would be good

      Megan — 23/09/2013 @ 09:53

  13. We learned a wierd and funny story called My Dad’s Got An Alligator. We also learned 100 Mile An Hour Dog. It was great.

      Thomas Hunt — 23/09/2013 @ 09:54

  14. It was a very good book I think . I will give it 10 out of 10 because its very funny.The Dad is so funny and is a silly Dad who is very crazy.

      Jennifer — 23/09/2013 @ 09:54

  15. But did he eat granny!

      Charlie — 23/09/2013 @ 09:54

  16. I found this book hysterical and funny book.My favorite part is when dad cycless down the road on mum’s bike shouting Crunchbag!

      Nathan — 23/09/2013 @ 09:54

  17. I loved the book it was funny!

      Aaron — 23/09/2013 @ 09:54

  18. It is a very good book i would rate it 5 out of 5. The funniest line is ” your farther wants to know if i want a patato” and ”ow fiddle sticks”

      Rory — 23/09/2013 @ 09:55

  19. The funny book is amusing because I like it when crunchbag the alligator disappers.Dad acts like a lonny looking for it .Great book!!!

      Natalie — 23/09/2013 @ 09:55

  20. I like this book because it is funny all the way though and it has some really strange moments!

      Molly — 23/09/2013 @ 09:55

  21. I loved the book it was funny !Jeremy Strong is a humerous writer. He writes lots of stories such as the hundred mile an hour dog goes for gold and batpants.they are all very funny stories.

      Jake — 23/09/2013 @ 09:56

  22. I love the book we are reading in year 5 it is so funny .
    i like it when nicalos has the convosation with granny .
    i also like it when mum loks dad in the coberd. This book is the funnyist booki have read by far : ]

      Felicity — 23/09/2013 @ 09:56

  23. The book was AWESOME because everybody is crazy and bonkers! I would recommend it for 6 and above.
    Gran is funny, Dad is crazy, Mum is mad but Nicholas is just Nicholas!

      Emily — 23/09/2013 @ 09:56

  24. I found this book realy funny! I would recomend this book to all children over 5 and adults may like it too. Crunchbag is a very cheeky aligator but my favourite person is granny because she over hears things in a funny way!!! So if you need a book to read find this book!

      Sophie — 23/09/2013 @ 09:56

  25. I fogot he stays in jail

      Charlie — 23/09/2013 @ 09:56

  26. This is a very amazing book because it is very funny and got funny words like fidlesticks!The nane is very funny aswell .

      Cameron — 23/09/2013 @ 09:57

  27. This book is a funny and would give it a 9.5 out of ten! I do recamend it for any ages.

      Kailan — 23/09/2013 @ 09:57

  28. This book is good because i like the part when granny said ” who is that”.

      Jack — 23/09/2013 @ 09:57

  29. This is a great book. I would give it a 9.5 out of ten! I do recommend it and its for any ages at all!

      Daniel — 23/09/2013 @ 09:57

  30. I liked the story it,s got silly and funny bits in it.

      Jack — 23/09/2013 @ 09:58

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